Big Changes Coming!

Welcome to Ridgway Area Trails (RAT)

Ridgway Area Trails (RAT) is both a very effective non-profit, NGO, dedicated to trail advocacy and construction, and a very fun system of single track trail in and around Ridgway, Colorado. RAT the organization is the local chapter of the Colorado Plateau Mountain Bike Trail Association, Inc. (COPMOBA). COPMOBA has been around since 1989, advocating for and constructing trails (including Kokopelli’s Trail and the Grand Loop Trail) all over Western Colorado.

Building on the COPMOBA legacy, RAT has created an amazingly accessible trail system right in and around Ridgway. RAT spent 8 years advocating for the project on Town, BLM and State lands. The group has approval from all three agencies to construct over 25 miles of new single track. Construction started in 2011 and has accelerated the past 24 months. RAT has completed trails in Weaver Park (town land) and on BLM land north of town. In 2013 and 2014 RAT added approximately 8 miles of new trails. From June through August of 2015, the system has grown by about 2 miles. In March, 2015, RAT was awarded a $200,000.00 from Colorado Parks and Wildlife.  The money became available in August 2015 and work began immediately with plans to add an additional 8 – 9.5 miles by the end of November 2015.   Construction will continue 5 days a week, 8 hours a day, from August through at least the end of October

Look Out for Big Changes – New Trail Every Day!

Construction is in progress as you read this, and the RAT single track palette grows more diverse every day.  In fact, RAT opened up a new trail  September 11, 2015.  This section eliminates a two-way bottle neck on the top end of Rat Trap by extending Rattus Maximus from its intersection with Double Crosser all the way up to 4 Corners (intersection of Speedy Gonzalez with Rat Trap). The new trail winds up a gully on the opposite side of the ridge from Upper Rat Trap. Please click the trails tab at the top of this page to open a map for orientation. We will update that map to incorporate the new line within a few days.

We designed and built this new line primarily to handle uphill traffic. Rattus Maximus now provides a very nice climb all the way from the bottom of the system to 4 Corners. Eventually, Rat Trap will provide a rollicking descent from 4 Corners all the way down to intersect with the Maze. Check The new line out tomorrow. 

As of September 7th, we now have two full crews on the ground, moving dirt 40 hours a week. They are presently working on a nice long loop in an area just around the corner from . . . ? Stay tuned for more new developments soon.

We  have signed all the new lines, but our maps will  remain a work in progress. We will update maps as soon as we can input the new data.  Please remember your RAT crew is all volunteer, we will have a lot of changes in the next 2 months, and so our maps will likely have some deficiencies  from time to time in the interim.  Please just be aware that you will encounter a lot of changes in the immediate future.  Please pardon our mess, and thanks for you patience and support.

As of  September 1, 2015, we have over 12 miles of narrow-gauge from Weaver Park inside town limits to the new construction across Highway 550.  Paid trail crews and volunteers alike will continue building the system throughout 2015.      You can now get in over 20 miles and 2300 vertical feet with a ride from town, through Weaver Park and River Sage, up to Dutch Charlie on State Park land, cross 550 and up to four-corners, then multiple descents and climbs of the south face trail system. That will cover almost all our single track, include no re-tread, and involve only about 30 seconds of actual road riding. The rest is trail, from the concrete river walk, through the groomed Park trails, some two-track jeep trail and all that sweet, sustainable single-track. It just keeps getting better.

Stay tuned for more news, please join us on one or all of our volunteer days, and by all means get out and have some fun on our new trails right now!!!

Trail Conditions Affected by Weather

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According to several recent reports, as of 11/10/15, RAT trail conditions have deteriorated with recent weather.  The north, northeast and northwest aspects of the higher terrain have a lot of snow, mud and ice.  A […]



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